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The Police Team are currently in League Two of the AMFC League. Monthly competitions are held at various locations around the country and as always competition will be hard and it should prove to be a tight league again this year.

If you would like to participate in the Police Team on any of the practice / matches days or if require any further information regarding the AMFC Police team, please use the contact button below and Doug Skins will respond to you.

The new AMFC Website is at:

The dates for the 2016 AMFC matches are:

The matches for division two will be fished at:

  • Rutland Spring Match Saturday 23rd April (Team of four)

  • Bewl Wednesday 11th May

  • Chew Wednesday 1st June

  • Draycote Saturday 16th July

  • Grafham Monday 26th September

  • Chew Autumn Match Saturday 8th October( Team of four)

Teams in our league for 2016 are:

  • Bristol Reservoirs F.A.

  • Bewl Bridge F.C. 'B'

  • Invicta F.F.A. 'A'

  • Greylags

  • Queen Mother F.C.

To contact the 'Police Team' representative re any questions or enquiries, etc, please click on the button or use:

Team at Chew Valley - 01/06/2016

L-R: Richard Hood, Steve Short, Ian Wood, Doug Skins, Martin Barrett & Gary Haskins

Team at Bewl Water - 11/05/2016

L-R: Alex Rothwell, Steve Short, Russ Logan, Doug Skins, Henryk Pycz & Baz Reece

Team at Rutland Water - 23/04/2016

L-R: Chad Chrichley , Henryk Pycz, Mark Mathieson & Dave Summers.

The 2015 AMFC Match Calendar:

The matches for division two will be fished at:

  • 26th May at Bewl

  • 24th June at Draycote

  • 10th July at Eyebrook

  • 2nd September at Rutland

  • 26th September at Draycote

Teams in our league for 2015 are:

  • Bristol F.A

  • Bewl 'B'

  • Invicta 'A'

  • Tunbridge Wells

  • Royal Navy/Marines

Team at Draycote 26/09/2015

Tony Smith, David Allen, Chris Webster and Henryk Pcyz

Team at Rutland Water 02/09/2015

Doug Skins, Baz Reece, Richard Hood, Anton Duerden, Chris Webster & Dave Allen.

AMFC Div 2 Match – Eyebrook Reservoir – 10th July 2015

Anglers who turned up to practice on Thursday 9th found a reasonable breeze and blue skies with fish showing all over the reservoir at the dam end. A few who ventured to Sykes Lane quickly returned to the main bowl area. Although the fish showed on the surface continuously all day few anglers caught fish and those who did found a variety of methods with no particular one to be reliable. A few fish killed and spooned contained adult damsel flies.

Match day saw the assembled teams looking out onto flat calm water with bright blue skies above and a very bright sun yet the water was dimpled with many feeding fish as well as numerous ‘happy’ fish leaping up from the depths. All confirmed that it was going to be a hard days fishing but three anglers bucked the trend and managed to bag up John Goodwin (English Police), Vince Brooks (and Simon Newman (both Tunbridge Wells). A small number caught 5,6 or 7 trout but the rest struggled.

The best method utilised by the Tunbridge Wells team was a floating or midge tip with a very long leader with four buzzers fished static whilst John Goodwin caught most of his fish on a very pale hares ear pattern tied by his son-in-law and discarded as not being good enough to catch fish. John was the first to bag up at 2.24pm.

As the day went on some breezes built up bringing cooler conditions but it was a long hot day and all were relieved to come off the water to weigh in and partake in the excellent buffet laid on in the fishing lodge and some welcome cooling drinks from the fridge. The quality of the fish were excellent and the fought hard before coming to the net and staff should be congratulated for the fishing available at Eyebrook.

Henryk Pycz EPFFA

The team consisted of L to R: John Goodwin, Mick Cartlidge, Phil Harding, Chris Reeves, Richard Eaton & Henryk Pycz

John Goodwin was 'Top Rod'

Round 3 Winners at Draycote, 24th of June 2015

The team consisted of L to R: Chris Reeves Capt, Mick Cartlidge, Russ Logan, John Goodwin & Steve Short.

Lea Tones (not shown above) fished for the team on the day, but did not stay for the after match meal.

Team for Bewl Water 26/05/2015


The team will be: Doug Skins Capt, Baz Reece, Chris Reeves, Russ Logan, Steve Short & Tim Ashman.

On Sunday the 26th of April the  4 man team, Association Spring Match was held at Graham Water. It was a windy day, fish are feeding heavily on buzzers but the high winds made it a tricky day for some.

We managed a second place after Invicta 'A' who seem to have had a bit of local knowledge to help, so it's off to our best start in a season !

Full details of the match will be in the Spring Newsletter due shortly.


  • Doug Skins Met

  • Baz Reece Surrey

  • Lea Tones Leicestershire

  • Steve Short Met (Retired)

I have attached a team photo to add.

New members, if you know of anyone who would like to take from your clubs just let me know and I'll add them to the mailing list. I've had a couple of very useful anglers coming to fish for us this year. So hopefully we can creep up the league table in 2015.

Doug Skins.

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A History of the AMFC by Peter Firth.

The event which began the growth of competition fly fishing, the Benson and Hedges International Fly Fishing Championships, was restricted to one team per Club. The A.M.F.C. was proposed to counter this trend and give more anglers an opportunity to fish for their Club in a nationally organised competition.

Five Clubs - (Bewl – Bristol – East Midlands – Invicta – Rutland) met for initial discussions in an office in the Financial Times Building.   Subsequent meetings were held in a private office near Westminster Bridge.

The original representatives were unanimous in what might be called the philosophy of the new competition. It was to be based on what is called the Olympic Ideal with participation being as important as winning and it was to remain amateur, with no financial rewards.

The aims were agreed as;

1.  To organise inter-club fly-fishing competitions between member clubs.

2.  To encourage wide participation by club members

3.  To promote and encourage the best principles and practices in competitive fly-fishing.

These remain unchanged, and indeed a proposal at the A.G.M. in 2008 to erode the second aim was overwhelmingly defeated. This rule is maintained by only allowing any angler to fish in four rounds and only once in an Association Match)

The Association has always had its own rules. Similar to International rules but not always identical. The Association has always tried to maintain the basic rules but minimize peripheral rules so that anglers may fish as many methods as seems ethical.

However there are two rules which the Association was the first to introduce which are now standard practices. The Association introduced the rule that engines must always be on the left side of the drift.  Not, perhaps, all that important. The other rule has changed the nature of competition fishing, probably for ever. The Association was the first organisation to introduce the concept of the Time Bonus.

There were occasions in the past when reservoirs fished so well on competition days that anglers were catching and killing thirty plus fish. This was possible for competitions like the Benson & Hedges for which reservoirs did not charge for second (or third tickets). It was not possible for events like the A.M.F.C. who also considered it immoral to fish on an unlimited ticket.

It is the A.M.F.C.’s credit that it produced a formula for only fishing to a single day ticket, finishing early and not be penalised. This, or similar organisation, is now standard for almost every still water competition, including some international events.

The original proposal from Bewl Bridge F.C. was to form a league with clubs fishing against each other on a home and away basis. There was considerable opposition to this proposal both semantically and organisationally. The organisational structure was quickly solved by what could be best described as an Ongoing Tournament. Traditionally teams were of six anglers and this was maintained.  Each club would organise a match on their home water for all the other teams. Since at this time there were five participating clubs there would be five rounds of the tournament.

The competitions proper name is the ‘Challenge Table’ and is now six matches. A number of years ago it was felt that the groups fished in isolation with no opportunity for anglers to fish with members from other groups. The new structure with six matches has the first and last match know as Association Matches and four rounds in the Group Programme.  All the teams fish together in the Association Matches.   No reservoir could offer enough boats for all our teams with six anglers to fish together. The Association Matches are therefore reduced to teams of four.

Points are awarded depending on the number of teams in a group. If the Group has five teams the winners of each round get five points and so on in descending order down to one point.   In a group of four the winners would get four points etc. It is rare for the Association to have six teams in a group but the same principle would apply. Rarely, a team misses a match and is awarded no points.

2012 was, numerically, the best the Association has had in its 25 years history. 281 different anglers fished for their Clubs. More new names appeared on the score sheets. More ladies fished and a few juniors fished. Of the four clubs which won their groups the average number of anglers who contributed to their success were fifteen. A number of clubs enter second teams so that as many as thirty anglers represent these clubs. This is compared with the other major competitions when only six anglers may be chosen for all the events. The aim of ‘wide participation’ is an aim the Association is proud to maintain.

The Association prides itself on two other aspects of its competitions. First its friendliness! Many anglers have been fishing in the matches for years and know members from other Clubs. Second it is the conduit by which Clubs introduce new members to competition fishing.

Good News!

I am pleased to announce that the England Police AMFC team have a new sponsor - Direct Security Alarms Ltd. Direct Security are a well established security company with NSI gold accreditation based in Beckenham, Kent. They have agreed to sponsor the AMFC team for the 2014 and 2015 seasons. Snowbee UK have also decided to support the team this year.

Darren Young, Managing Director of Direct Security said  "I'm delighted to promote the England Police fly-fishing team and wish you the best of luck in your competitions this season".

Team at Grafham 2014 in September for round 5 ...

Eyebrook Team - 5th July 2014

Dear all,

I have attached the end of season newsletter from Peter Firth in the Jubilee Year of the Club.

Anglers that have taken part this year will receive a special badge, I should get them shortly and will post out. One of our members Chris Reeves fished in the first year of the league 25year ago and he's still going strong, not sure if he has the same flies as then.

Well Rutland was in a difficult mood compared to a few days before in the Anglian Match. England Police required a 1st or 2nd to get promoted and was the only team who could not be relegated. Well we are off to Division TWO.......after coming top- see the results in the newsletter.

I would like to thank all of those that have supported us during the year with a special thanks to all the teams and Mark Mathieson who organised the England Police Match at Pitsford. It's the team work at matches and sharing of information from all quarters in the England police fishing that have resulted in our success.

Group Two will be a challenge but as Peter refers to in his speech it's the taking part that important, I had a great day with Paul Calvert from Soldier Palmers A. He even got the drogue in when my 5.4lb rainbow decided it wanted to venture to the rear of the boat ...!!!

I shall send out the list of the venues in February after the AGM - please contact me if you want to take part, I cannot promise you will catch fish but you will have a good time and fish with some fine anglers.

Tight lines, Doug.

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